Choosing The Best Caterer in West Palm Beach

There are many options when choosing a caterer in West Palm Beach. Some caterers will only supply the food while other caterers are more like event planners and will help to coordinate every aspect of your event.
The food alone requires the most planning and coordination of all the subcontractors. Choices need to be made based on the style and feel of the event which will determine whether the caterer recommends a buffet, action stations, a plated meal or a combination of all or some of these options. The client needs to decide if it will be a casual catered party or an event with a formal catered feel where guests are seated to a plated meal. Most west palm beach caterers will let you know at the onset which services they offer and which they outsource to other west palm beach vendors. When a caterer does not offer a catering related service, they will be able to direct you to reputable local west palm beach companies who offer those services.
There are many catering related services that are needed in planning an event including entertainment, decor, lighting, audio, linens, bar, tables, chairs, flowers, centerpieces, valet, staff uniforms and more. The logistics include seating charts, floor plans, load-in schedules, strike schedules, menu selection, vendor and subcontractor timelines and guest check-in procedures to name a few.
It is easier to have one point of contact for all the services involved rather than acting as the event planner yourself. West Palm Beach has a large selection of event planners to choose from. Be sure that you ask for references of West Palm Beach clients that you can call and make sure that they were satisfied with the catering services and event planner services that were offered. There are professional organizations that caterers and event planners are often associated with which elevates their credibility within the industry. The American Culinary Federation, The International Caterers Association and National Association of Catering Executives will all have helpful information for potential clients looking for criteria that is helpful in choosing a West Palm Beach Caterer. Catering organizations are useful for caterers to stay current with emerging trends, come up with new ideas as well as find new and interesting catering products. Continuing education is very important in the catering industry in order to separate yourself from the competition as well learning more efficient and effective catering techniques. Here are some questions to ask your potential caterer:
1. How long have you worked in catering in West Palm Beach?
2. How long have you worked for this West Palm Beach Catering company?
3. How many clients have you catered for in West Palm Beach?
4. Can you supply me with a list of 3 catering clients that you have organized successful catering events for locally in West Palm Beach within the last 3 months?
5. Are you registered as a Caterer in West Palm Beach with The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Department of Hotels and Restaurants?
6. Do you have liability insurance?
7. Do you have workers compensation insurance?
8. Do you have liquor liability insurance?
9. Do you have a liquor license?
10. Are you cooks and chefs professionally trained through an accredited Culinary School?
11. Do your catering staff have food safety training certificates?
These questions should be a good guideline to help you ask the right questions of your potential west palm beach caterer. Once you feel the questions have been answered with the appropriate source documents, you can be confident that you are working with a legitimate catering company.