Tips to Minimize Your Wedding Costs

Weddings, in a perfect world, resemble to what we see in fairy tales. Too bad, we aren’t perfect and so is the world we are living in. You have to think of aspects from full service event planning, wedding catering services, down to the souvenirs, planning a wedding isn’t a walk in a park. Weddings can be bank-breakingly expensive. Here’s how to budget the wedding of your dreams without having to sacrifice a big chunk of your dream wedding.

Cut the Guest List

It is understandable that you want the whole world to witness the most important day of you and your partner’s life. Try to keep the number of attendants as small as possible. The larger the crowd, the more you’ll have to spend in food and favors. List down the most important people you want present in your wedding like your family and friends, then you can go from there.

Decide Your Budget

The first step in cutting your wedding costs is to know until how much you can spend for the wedding. Set this clear with your wedding coordinator so as he will know what to suggest to you based on the budget range you will set. However, see to it that the budget you will set is realistically proportion the kind of wedding you have in mind. You event planner can also help you with these, especially because they have an idea how much things cost from their past experiences in full service event planning.

Celebrate Off-Season

When a product is in demand, vendors are more likely to increase prices. Choose a date when rates are lowest such as the winter season because people are more likely to book for the summer season. Weekdays are also typically cheaper than weekends. If you plan to have a destination wedding, find a place that is not as popular with tourists. That way, your wedding could be more intimate and special.

Hire a Day-of Coordinator and a Wedding Catering Services

There are some things you shouldn’t cut costs in like hiring a coordinator for the day of your wedding. Hire an experienced event planner and a wedding catering services you can trust to execute the activities and the food on the day of your wedding. Not only will this let you reduce on-the-day stress, but it will also allow you to enjoy what should be the best day of your life.

Choosing the Right Menu for Your Event

Food is one of the most important factors that will contribute to the success of an event. After deciding which palm beach catering and food services you will get for your event, the next step is to figure out how your menu would look like. Palm beach catering and food services would have a variety of choices you could choose from. The problem is, how will you get the proper menu for the event you are going to host?


What type of event do you need catering for? Is it a corporate event? A halloween party? It is best to think of a theme for the event first before deciding what food will be served to your guests. For example, you’re throwing a halloween party, it would be nice to have desserts that are designed with spooky characters. If the event is a more of a formal one, it would be better to go with standard meals such as chicken, fresh veggies, and pasta. Food can also help in the design of the event’s venue. Another thing to consider aside from the venue is the location. Notify your caterers whether the gathering will take place indoors or outdoors.

Expected Guests

The guests you are expecting to come can help you come up with the menu. This will make things easier especially if you already have a solid guest list. What age range will you be catering to? Are there more kids? You can also conduct a survey and ask them what they prefer. Knowing the size of your guests can also help you decide whether to go for a buffet style or a sit-down meal.

Diet Restrictions

Older crowds over 60, as well as kids below ten years old, could have some restrictions when it comes to food. There are also people who are prone to allergies. There might also be vegetarians among your guests. You have to consider these options when choosing a menu. To prevent empty stomachs on the event, it is better to ask your guests about their certain food restrictions, then try to cater these problems as much as possible. If you’re not certain yet about the guests, you could tell your caterer to include vegetarian options on the menu.


As important as food is, you should also make sure that you’re staying within the specified budget, which is a difficult thing to do, especially if you are planning the event alone. To help you find the right menu, look for a credible west palm beach catering and food services for a polished and hassle-free event planning.

Plan the Best Beach Wedding Ever!

What does your dream wedding look like when you visualize it? Is it a beach wedding? Are you picturing the sunset over the horizon, soft breeze blowing amidst the gentle waves of the sea, and the nature witnessing the sweet vows you exchange with your partner? These things are only merely a third of what beach weddings will really be like. Aside from looking for a credible beach catering and event planning fl to help you, here are some tips that can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Go for a Lighter Wardrobe

Going for a simple but elegant wedding dress will not only give off the beach wedding “laid-back” vibe, it’s also less likely to pick up debris found in the sand. It is recommended to choose a fabric that flows with the breeze to add up with the beach romance look.

Leave the Heels

Isn’t it gorgeous to have a barefoot beach wedding? You don’t have to worry about performing balancing acts on uneven sand which could possibly resort to trips and falls. However, it is not expected for every bride to go shoeless on their wedding. You could consult your event planner and ask them to install a temporary walkway on the sand that will help you walk easier on your way to the altar.

Keep Your Guests Informed

Aside from mentioning to your loved ones that your special day will take place on a beach, it would be nice to remind them of the dress code, whether they are allowed to go informal, or they are required to wear a certain shade. It is also a plus to remind them on bringing beach essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and swim wears, should you opt to stay at the beach for the reception.

Think of a Back-up Plan

Because a beach wedding is held outdoors, couples should be aware the nature is unpredictable. One minute you could have the perfect temperature and the soft breeze, the next the wind could blow so hard you’ll struggle seeing your partner and keeping sand off your eyes. The wind may have to be any beach wedding planner’s number one enemy. Have someone constantly update you on the weather during the days leading up to your wedding, and if there’s a high chance of rain, you can strategically think of a contingency plan with your beach catering and event planning fl company or else you and your guests would be soaking wet even before you’ve finished exchanging your vows.

Bridle Bliss

THOUGH THERE IS ALWAYS PRESSURE WITH A wedding to get every detail right, the best are often those that don’t. It can be hard to make so many choices about things like napkins and music while fully grasping the deeper meaning of the day. A wedding can symbolize something different for each person, from the single most important day of your life to a simple bookmark placed to acknowledge the beginning of a new chapter.

Whether a couple chooses a fairy-tale dreamscape or an informal ranch retreat, the celebration is an opportunity to reflect the values you and your new spouse hold. For equestrians, this means ample opportunity to incorporate their love of horses, from horse-drawn carriages to small details in the decor or invitations.

Brunch ups its game at International Polo Club Pavilion

The Sunday brunch at International Polo Club Pavilion has become the place to indulge, mingle and luxuriously take in a game of polo. “We try to feature 80 different buffet items with six rotating action stations weekly,” said International Polo Club Catering CEO Aaron Menitoff.
From a handmade burrata and mozzarella station to a homemade gelato station with old-fashioned candy mix-ins, there’s a little bit of something for even the most discerning palate.