Palm Beach Catering Services: Why Hire One?

Whenever we go through an important milestone in our lives – birthdays, graduation, weddings, promotions, etc. – we want to celebrate it with people important to us. On these special days, we want everything to go smoothly, especially in the program flow, entertainment, and of course, the food. As much as possible, event hosts want to be as hands-on as possible with the details for the event. How do you throw a spectacular event without wearing yourself out? Hiring a Palm Beach Catering service like Aaron’s Catering can help you plan out the food for you event! Here are some factors you can take advantage of when you decide to hire a catering company for your special gathering.

Minus the Hassle

If you are planning to host an event that will be attended by hundreds of people, stress is inevitable. Cooking for ten people for Thanksgiving is hard enough; imagine doing so for hundreds of people! As the host of the event, you should be entertaining your guests, not cooking tons of Why not hire people who are skilled and trained in handling hundreds of guests? Catering companies know the ins and outs of serving a large volume of people. This way, you can focus on other things such as the venue and the logistics of your event proper.

Save Time

Time is crucial especially when you’re trying to beat a deadline and you want everything to go perfectly as planned. Self-catering can be a bit of a challenge and will consume a huge amount of time when you do not have the right equipment and knowledge. Hiring a catering service company to serve you during events will not only save you the headache, but also your precious time.


You hosted the event so you could celebrate. But how could you do so if you’re busy manning the kitchen. Ultimately, when you save time and hassle, you can have time to enjoy the event. Mingle with your colleagues, family, and visitors. Have a good time. Have a nice chat and drink with them. That’s why you organized the event in the first place, right? Celebrate and have fun!

These are only a few of the benefits you can acquire when you decide to hire a palm beach catering service. Look for a company that will provide you and your guest incredible cuisine, entertainment, and high class service. Because, really, who doesn’t want a hassle-free, fun, and memorable event?

Take Advantage of Party Planning Services For the Holidays

It’s summer time again. Before you know it, holiday season will be just around the corner. What goes with the holiday season? Parties! There will be parties here and there, and if you are reading this, there is a high chance you are either interesting in hosting one or helping a friend plan one out. Planning a party can be hectic, worse it could be disastrous especially if you have no past experiences in planning parties. Why not hire a company that offers party planning services for the upcoming holidays?

Plan Early

As said earlier in this article, there will be a bunch of parties that will be planned on the holidays. Get a hold of an event planning company and reserve a spot before they get busy and also to get the best service. Remember that the best companies are sought and booked early. Delaying your planning might lead to you not getting the right caterer, which could be the catalyst for the success of your party.


Services also commonly take hike weeks before the holidays, so it is best to reserve them early

to compare prices and find a company that suits your budget. Especially if you belong to a company and you were tasked to administer the planning for your company Christmas party, do your homework and research thoroughly about the estimates before submitting a budget request. Underestimating your budget could lead to future mishaps. Good news is, planning services can help you greatly in budgeting because they will give you the estimates based on their experience in the industry.


In finding the best catering service, aside from ads, people still mostly rely on referral. One good way to find out which caterers are mostly booked during events is to go to some popular venues around your place and ask for a list of preferred caterers. Then compare these list

according to the frequency each catering company appears on the list. This will surely narrow your list down. You could also do a web search once you get a list of caterers. Visit their site and compare the services they offer, as well as the testimonials of their previous clients.

Goal Setting

Your party should make your guests feel appreciated, and make them feel that you are thankful for their attendance. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes when it comes to preferences and decisions, but see to it that you aren’t going overboard with the party planning services you will avail. With these goals in mind, any party you plan for the holidays will surely leave a lasting impression to your guests

Hire a Palm Beach Catering Service for Any Event

Hiring a Palm Beach catering for your event can help you in giving your guests excellent food without you having to tackle much on it. No two events are exactly alike, that is why you should hire a catering company that has the skill, expertise, and proper management that is needed especially when an unforeseen malfunction arises during the event.


Experience is the most excellent educator out there. Find a catering company that has enough experience in the said field. Professional catering services, especially if they have been operating in the industry for quite a while now, have been serving a lot of clients, which means that they have encountered different obstacles and problems in different forms and managed to overcome them. They have fine tuned their methods from these experiences, so you can ensure that everything goes properly with your event.


Naturally, a catering company should have the skills to provide our guests proper service and excellent food during the event. Professional food catering services have certain methods, procedures, and checklists to use to make sure everything will go as planned.

Expertise in the Industry

Being an expert in a community could mean that the company will have a lot of connections with other companies in the industry. For example, if you are planning for a wedding, you can get recommendations and tips on other things that involves wedding planning such as photographers, videographers, and flower arrangers. They can also give you tips on other services you might not even have thought of such as free wedding websites you could look into, wedding keepsakes makers among others.


Food safety is the most important factor to consider when hiring someone to cater the food for your event. Professional catering services take food safety very seriously because it could affect their company’s reputation. They ensure that the food they will offer to your guest is in its best quality when it reaches the venue of your event.

Some catering services also offer services that goes beyond serving food. Others offer services such as bars, provided they have the license for it. Best of all, you can also hire a catering company that offers full event planning services who can assist you in everything. Hiring a palm beach catering like Aaron’s Catering is a good move especially when you have an event that will be attended by hundreds of guests and you want your event to be something worth remembering.

Know the Right Type of Event Planner You Need for Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, it is important to find an event planner who you can consult with and will help you handle the details for your big day. You want your wedding to go as smoothly as planned, after all. Depending on your budget and your needs, here are the different types of event planners you can choose from.

Full-Service Planner

A full-service planner will assist you from start to finish. He/ She handles everything that has to do with your wedding; may it be the design, the coordination, down to the details that require utmost meticulousness. This is great for couples who want a grand and complex event or simply those who want to have someone guide them throughout the whole planning dilemma.

Event Designer

An event designer focuses on bringing your event concept to life. An event designer mostly tackles everything about design. He communicates with florists, decorators, and bakers regarding on the style and the theme you want for your wedding. Organization and logistics, though, are not included in an event designer’s forte.

A La Carte Planner

An a la carte planning service is designed to fill in the gaps when you are doing the planning yourself. This is perfect for couples who decide to do all the planning by themselves and needs help on a few couple things.

Day-Of Coordinator

A day-of coordinator is responsible for making sure everythings goes smoothly on the day of your wedding. They are responsible for handling your guests, as well as the setup of the venue. They are also in charge for post-event duties such as cleaning and supervising the packing up so you and your family can relax and enjoy the day. Hiring a day-of coordinator is suitable for couples who want to be very hands-on during the planning but want to have a go-to person who can handle everything on the day of the event.
These types of event planners can help you on the different aspects of pulling your perfect wedding together. Among these, it is highly recommended to hire a full-service planner who can help you from start to finish. In the end, it is your discretion on the type of planner you plan to work with. Ultimately, it is best if you clearly know the extent of the services you want your planner to offer you.

Palm Beach Catering: What Makes a Good Party?

You want to throw a party because it’s your birthday, or you and your friends successfully reached a big milestone such as graduating college. Maybe you just want to throw a party because life is worth celebrating. You want to throw an awesome party but you don’t know where to start. If you’re living along the vicinity of Palm Beach, there are lots of catering services you can hire. Other than that, how can you be sure that the party you’ll be throwing will be a blast?
First, you should consider how many guests you plan on inviting for your event. This way, you will be able to gauge everything else: the food, venue, activities, and souvenirs (if needed). In sending out invitations, also make sure to mention in it if they can bring a plus one. Make the RSVP date two to three weeks prior the events so that it could give you enough time to finalize the head count with your caterer.

Next, make sure the venue of the event is set up properly for your party. If your party has a certain theme, make sure it is properly disseminated through the invitation. To get the proper look, ask for advice from event planners as they already have ample experience regarding decorations. Aside from decoration, audio and lighting effects also contribute to the ambiance and the vibe of the party. The ambiance of the party can either set or kill the mood of your guests.
It is also important to go over the flow of your party. It is not necessary to think an activity down to every minute because it with seem very formal. Think of a few main activities wherein all your guests could enjoy, then give them time to mingle, chat, and have fun. Also, assembling an interesting/well-mixed/diverse crowd can make or break your party.

During the party proper, be mindful of your surroundings. Pay attention to the changes and respond if you see anything going wrong. But, don’t forget to have a good time yourself. One way you can make sure everything goes smoothly is to hire a palm beach catering service or a full service event planner to handle all the difficult tasks for you. This can help you throw a stress-free party and will give you more chance to interact with your guests, enjoy the music, and celebrate. It is your party after all.

Party Planning Services FL: Best Ways to Discourage No-Shows

Getting an accurate head count is one of the headaches you might encounter when organizing an event. Guests not showing is something no event planner wants to deal with, yet it is a very common occurrence for companies offering party planning services fl. No-shows are people who sent their RSVP for an event or appointment but either cancel it or do not keep it and do not show on the day of the event. It can be money-draining and time consuming as it can affect the planning. Here are some helpful tips that can help you prevent no-shows for the event you are organizing.

Make the event interesting

Make sure your guests know what exactly they’re attending to. Give them a sneak peek on what will happen on the day of the event. Create an event that would spark the interest of your attendees. Most of all, organize a gathering wherein they would feel terrible for not attending because your event is very significant to them that they wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Keep the countdown going

This may seem obvious, but apparently, some people actually forget about your event until it’s almost happening. As the planner, it’s safe to say that your focus is on the event. Realistically speaking, though, your guests, no matter how excited they are for the event, have many other things that are more important to them. Most event planners interact with their attendees through social media networking sites such as Facebook. This is a good tool to constantly remind them of your upcoming event and at the same time clarify to them matters such as food restrictions and directions for the venue. However, if you’re planning a formal event, it is best to send out invitations in person or through mail.

Make them Prepay

This is another simple but effective way to reduce the chance of no-shows for the event. You can require your guests to buy a ticket in advance. This does not guarantee that you’ll have perfect attendance, but at least it can reduce the impact and made ticket sales.

Give Incentives

Who doesn’t love to have perks? You could apply giving out incentives prior to the event to encourage guests to purchase tickets early or arrive on the event to avail the incentive. You can use the same ol’ “The first one hundred and fifty guests to arrive” promise and offer tangible gifts to your guests. Think of a unique gift that will spark your attendees’ interest and is something that they will value.

Show gratitude

After the event, do not forget to show them how much you appreciate their attendance. Thanks them for their patronage and active participation in the event proper. This is also the perfect time to ask for their feedback regarding on the flow and vibe of the event, and the food they had. This way, you can gauge how satisfied they are and improve on points that they found meh. Also, if your event is an annual kind of thing, showing your guests how thankful you are will definitely encourage them to attend next year’s event.

Having no-shows for your event is unavoidable and is something every party planning services fl have to deal with from time to time. But with these tips, you can reduce the amount of no-shows and make your party worth planning.

Catering and Event Planning Services: Plan Your Dream Wedding

Planning for a wedding? First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! Every couple’s dream is to have the perfect wedding. Planning to tie the knot should not be stressful and overwhelming. You want the experience to be memorable not only for you but also for your guests. You could always do the planning, or you could also look for a reliable company that offers catering and event planning services for your best day ever.


Who doesn’t want exceptional service? Especially if you are the host of the wedding, you want your guest to rave about the accommodation and how nice the staff was. Look for catering services where you can ensure that they will give your guests the attention they deserve and make them feel comfortable and pampered.


The location of your reception will depend on the size of your crowd, the style, and the budget allocated. Choose a location that can accommodate the amount of guests you plan to have. If you plan to have the event on yachts, barns, and other location, find a company that has the proper licenses to conduct operations in order to avoid possible mishaps in the future.

Audio Visual & Lighting

Proper lighting and sound system sets the mood for a great party. Especially if you plan to have a theme, special lighting effects can help greatly in achieving the look you want. They bear a huge impact on your guests experience throughout the event. Look for someone who has relevant experience in production that can help create the right audio and visual impact to your visitors.


The last thing you want your guests to feel is bored. You planned the wedding down to its very last detail, and part of guest experience is to keep them satisfied with the flow of events. Make sure your visitors are entertained by having them engage in different activities. You can conduct games, you can contact fine singers and performers in your place to sing or do acts. This way, you will not only prevent dead and keep the vibe of your party going.

Plan these things carefully, or have a company that offers catering and event planning services such as Aaron’s Catering, for an event you and your guests will never forget.

Wedding Catering Services: How to Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day

It’s you and your significant other’s big day! It is understandable to feel wedding jitters on the day you plan on tying the knot. However, too much nervousness might cause some things to go wrong and you don’t want that for your wedding do, do we? You can hire a full service event planning company or wedding catering services who can help you get things done. You can also follow these helpful tips:

Create an Itinerary

When you have an idea where you should be and what you should be doing at a particular time will help you stay calm. Making a schedule for your day can help reduce the stress you may feel on the actual day. Also anticipate and make sure you have a leeway or allowance between each activity in case something goes wrong to avoid panicking. Make sure that the itinerary you have is in sync with the itinerary your planners and coordinators have to avoid confusion and dilemma on the actual day.

Get a Wedding Emergency Kit Ready

Always think of the worst case scenario whenever planning for the wedding so that you can be ready if ever unfortunate events will occur. Make an emergency kit of items you might need to fix minor incidents such as bad breath, sweaty armpits, and bad hair day. Some life savers you can prepare may include mints, extra panty hose, makeup remover, and some pain relievers.

Have a Support System

It helps to let some people around you – your family, wedding planners, or your bestfriend- know how nervous you feel. This way, they can give you the pep talk and tell you encouraging words that will help you ease the tension you are currently feeling. Ask them for help on entertaining guests and making sure that the flow of the event goes smoothly. It is important to have an assistant, or an overall coordinator who can take care of everything so you can relax and celebrate the day.

Focus and Enjoy

It’s your wedding! Remember that the day is all about you and your partner. Try not to mind that much about the details of your wedding ON the day of your wedding. Leave it to the planners, coordinators, and your support system and just take it all in and enjoy the day. This day should be one of the most memorable day ever, and you want to remember what matters, not the small stuff that can be handled by your full service event planning company who offers wedding catering services.

How to Make Your Event Memorable

Event means something that happens because of something notable- a significant occurrence. Naturally, everyone who organizes events want to plan a memorable event guests can attend to. Planning an event can be really stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can hire a full service event planning for the catering and event production for the day.

Choose an Interesting Theme and Venue

In order to make your event worth remembering, think of an interesting theme that will make your guests giddy and excited for the event. Squeeze those creative juices of yours and think outside the box. Your guests will want something new and in-trend. For example, when you are planning for a birthday party that falls on the ceremony date of the Academy Awards, you could go for an Oscar theme. You need to do a lot of research on the latest trends and big social events that you can use for your advantage.

Aside from the theme, the location of your event also plays a big role in making your event noteworthy. Consider your theme, the number of guests you plan to have, and the time of the year. When planning for corporate events, you can think of holding the meeting outside the conference room. Coffee shops or restaurants with better ambiance than your good ol’ conference room can spice up your guests mood. You should also watch out for weather forecasts especially if you are deciding on whether to hold your event indoors or outdoors. If there is a high chance of rain, better choose an indoor venue to prevent your guests from getting soaking wet and grumpy.

Go Social

Take advantage of social media before and during your event. You can plan for an official Facebook and Twitter hashtag beforehand for your guests to use on the event. This can give you an overview on their feedbacks regarding the event. You could also do raffle contests on the most creative posts/pictures with the event’s hashtag to attract more engagement from your audience. Social media is powerful, my friend.

Give out souvenirs

Who doesn’t want keepsakes? Especially if they enjoyed the event very much, your guests will want something that will trigger memories from that particular day.

Most importantly, it is important that your event is fun. Won’t you love it if months or years from now, and they suddenly saw a remembrance he got from the event, he’ll suddenly take a trip down memory lane with a smile? That’s how you make an event memorable. As Maya Angelou has said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Companies specializing in catering and event production can also help you make your event extraordinary.

What Services Does An Event Planner Offer?

What comes into your mind when you think of an event planner? An event planner is someone who coordinates all aspects regarding events and meetings. There are different types of event planners. Here are some things an event coordinator is typically responsible of:

Vendor Management and Canvassing

Vendor management is handled by the event planner. They work hand-in-hand with people offering services you need for your event such as florists, photographers, and catering. They solicit bids depending on the budget range you have specified. They see to it that you get the best deal. On the day of the event, the event planners also make sure that these service providers are properly oriented about the logistics. Event planners oversee the staff to ensure that everything goes according to plan. They also handle negotiations and payments with these providers.

Venue and Accommodation

After the event planner has successfully discussed with the clients the goals and scope of the event, it is also his responsibility to look for a suitable venue. They collate a list of possible venues, their prices, and the number of guests they could accommodate. They also negotiate with these hotels and venues to go with the client’s preferences and budget. After the venue has been chosen, they are also in charge of monitoring and seeing to it that the design meets the specifications of the client.


Bottomline is, an event planner coordinates every detail of an event. It is his job to make sure the event is successful and the guests who will be attending will go home satisfied. Along with the negotiation skills and organization, a planner also has to be knowledgeable with other things such as computers and applications for communication, budgeting, and overall planning for accuracy and efficiency. Like any other professional, it is an event planner’s job to offer his knowledge and expertise in handling events to those who need them.

Being an event planner is no easy task. You have to know what works best with your client while considering the budget they are willing to allot for the event. He also should be able to remain calm under pressure because there are many things that could go wrong before and during the event. Find a coordinator who talks to client, listen to your needs, and present ideas and solutions to their problems. So unless you are confident you’ll be able to plan your own event, it is advisable to look for a person who offers services that will help you pull off your event successfully.