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We were proud to have been selected to produce the hospitality services for the Gonzaga family hosting the Interagro Lusitanos at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington. These hand selected group of Dressage horses from Brazil were showcased in an unparalleled tropical setting. Buyers were invited to view this magnificent Portugal bloodline and experience the team of trainers, breeders, international riders, and veterinarians on the IPC property. Guests enjoyed the Brazilian culture and entertainment we selected while test riding and selecting their Lusitano, followed by the auction itself. We transformed the Pavilion into the “picadero”, or indoor arena, where elegance and equestrianism combined to create an atmosphere of an upscale gala centered around the magnificent Lusitanos presented at auction while sipping exotic wines, enjoying Brazilian cuisine, and feel the rhythm of the samba as one horse after another was auctioned off to their new owners.
No catering company understands the equestrian world better that Aarons Catering and can produce the appropriate setting for your horse auction from online tickets, arena landscaping, and audio-visual-lighting to delicious cuisine, full bar & beverage and uniformed staffing. The ambiance of an auction creates the excitement that inspires your guests to become buyers. Our attention to detail and flawless execution presents you as a trusted host. We look forward to working with you to plan, design and produce your successful auction.