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Let Aaron’s Catering plan a night your child’s friends will be talking about in the halls at school for days after the event. Aaron’s Catering is highly experienced in producing top notch Bat/Bar Mitzvah’s in South Florida. As your child transitions into adulthood, let us congratulate him/her with an out-of-this-world bash.
Entertain your friends and family with a Celebrity Guest- the guest of honor’s fave! Have a customized photo booth with props galore for guests to enjoy and bring home as party favors. With a faboosh DJ, décor, and entertainment—this night is sure to be a hit! Let us help you create a theme and execute it throughout the entire event: from the venue, centerpieces, uniforms, and entertainment. Some themes include: Beach Pallooza, Casino Royale, or even Crazy Circus complete with cotton candy and popcorn stations, lobster hotdogs, and men on stilts.