Tips to Minimize Your Wedding Costs

Weddings, in a perfect world, resemble to what we see in fairy tales. Too bad, we aren’t perfect and so is the world we are living in. You have to think of aspects from full service event planning, wedding catering services, down to the souvenirs, planning a wedding isn’t a walk in a park. Weddings can be bank-breakingly expensive. Here’s how to budget the wedding of your dreams without having to sacrifice a big chunk of your dream wedding.

Cut the Guest List

It is understandable that you want the whole world to witness the most important day of you and your partner’s life. Try to keep the number of attendants as small as possible. The larger the crowd, the more you’ll have to spend in food and favors. List down the most important people you want present in your wedding like your family and friends, then you can go from there.

Decide Your Budget

The first step in cutting your wedding costs is to know until how much you can spend for the wedding. Set this clear with your wedding coordinator so as he will know what to suggest to you based on the budget range you will set. However, see to it that the budget you will set is realistically proportion the kind of wedding you have in mind. You event planner can also help you with these, especially because they have an idea how much things cost from their past experiences in full service event planning.

Celebrate Off-Season

When a product is in demand, vendors are more likely to increase prices. Choose a date when rates are lowest such as the winter season because people are more likely to book for the summer season. Weekdays are also typically cheaper than weekends. If you plan to have a destination wedding, find a place that is not as popular with tourists. That way, your wedding could be more intimate and special.

Hire a Day-of Coordinator and a Wedding Catering Services

There are some things you shouldn’t cut costs in like hiring a coordinator for the day of your wedding. Hire an experienced event planner and a wedding catering services you can trust to execute the activities and the food on the day of your wedding. Not only will this let you reduce on-the-day stress, but it will also allow you to enjoy what should be the best day of your life.