Plan the Best Beach Wedding Ever!

What does your dream wedding look like when you visualize it? Is it a beach wedding? Are you picturing the sunset over the horizon, soft breeze blowing amidst the gentle waves of the sea, and the nature witnessing the sweet vows you exchange with your partner? These things are only merely a third of what beach weddings will really be like. Aside from looking for a credible beach catering and event planning fl to help you, here are some tips that can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Go for a Lighter Wardrobe

Going for a simple but elegant wedding dress will not only give off the beach wedding “laid-back” vibe, it’s also less likely to pick up debris found in the sand. It is recommended to choose a fabric that flows with the breeze to add up with the beach romance look.

Leave the Heels

Isn’t it gorgeous to have a barefoot beach wedding? You don’t have to worry about performing balancing acts on uneven sand which could possibly resort to trips and falls. However, it is not expected for every bride to go shoeless on their wedding. You could consult your event planner and ask them to install a temporary walkway on the sand that will help you walk easier on your way to the altar.

Keep Your Guests Informed

Aside from mentioning to your loved ones that your special day will take place on a beach, it would be nice to remind them of the dress code, whether they are allowed to go informal, or they are required to wear a certain shade. It is also a plus to remind them on bringing beach essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and swim wears, should you opt to stay at the beach for the reception.

Think of a Back-up Plan

Because a beach wedding is held outdoors, couples should be aware the nature is unpredictable. One minute you could have the perfect temperature and the soft breeze, the next the wind could blow so hard you’ll struggle seeing your partner and keeping sand off your eyes. The wind may have to be any beach wedding planner’s number one enemy. Have someone constantly update you on the weather during the days leading up to your wedding, and if there’s a high chance of rain, you can strategically think of a contingency plan with your beach catering and event planning fl company or else you and your guests would be soaking wet even before you’ve finished exchanging your vows.