Party Planning Services FL: Best Ways to Discourage No-Shows

Getting an accurate head count is one of the headaches you might encounter when organizing an event. Guests not showing is something no event planner wants to deal with, yet it is a very common occurrence for companies offering party planning services fl. No-shows are people who sent their RSVP for an event or appointment but either cancel it or do not keep it and do not show on the day of the event. It can be money-draining and time consuming as it can affect the planning. Here are some helpful tips that can help you prevent no-shows for the event you are organizing.

Make the event interesting

Make sure your guests know what exactly they’re attending to. Give them a sneak peek on what will happen on the day of the event. Create an event that would spark the interest of your attendees. Most of all, organize a gathering wherein they would feel terrible for not attending because your event is very significant to them that they wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Keep the countdown going

This may seem obvious, but apparently, some people actually forget about your event until it’s almost happening. As the planner, it’s safe to say that your focus is on the event. Realistically speaking, though, your guests, no matter how excited they are for the event, have many other things that are more important to them. Most event planners interact with their attendees through social media networking sites such as Facebook. This is a good tool to constantly remind them of your upcoming event and at the same time clarify to them matters such as food restrictions and directions for the venue. However, if you’re planning a formal event, it is best to send out invitations in person or through mail.

Make them Prepay

This is another simple but effective way to reduce the chance of no-shows for the event. You can require your guests to buy a ticket in advance. This does not guarantee that you’ll have perfect attendance, but at least it can reduce the impact and made ticket sales.

Give Incentives

Who doesn’t love to have perks? You could apply giving out incentives prior to the event to encourage guests to purchase tickets early or arrive on the event to avail the incentive. You can use the same ol’ “The first one hundred and fifty guests to arrive” promise and offer tangible gifts to your guests. Think of a unique gift that will spark your attendees’ interest and is something that they will value.

Show gratitude

After the event, do not forget to show them how much you appreciate their attendance. Thanks them for their patronage and active participation in the event proper. This is also the perfect time to ask for their feedback regarding on the flow and vibe of the event, and the food they had. This way, you can gauge how satisfied they are and improve on points that they found meh. Also, if your event is an annual kind of thing, showing your guests how thankful you are will definitely encourage them to attend next year’s event.

Having no-shows for your event is unavoidable and is something every party planning services fl have to deal with from time to time. But with these tips, you can reduce the amount of no-shows and make your party worth planning.