Palm Beach Catering: What Makes a Good Party?

You want to throw a party because it’s your birthday, or you and your friends successfully reached a big milestone such as graduating college. Maybe you just want to throw a party because life is worth celebrating. You want to throw an awesome party but you don’t know where to start. If you’re living along the vicinity of Palm Beach, there are lots of catering services you can hire. Other than that, how can you be sure that the party...[view article]

Party Planning Services FL: Best Ways to Discourage No-Shows

Getting an accurate head count is one of the headaches you might encounter when organizing an event. Guests not showing is something no event planner wants to deal with, yet it is a very common occurrence for companies offering party planning services fl. No-shows are people who sent their RSVP for an event or appointment but either cancel it or do not keep it and do not show on the day of the event. It can be money-draining and time...[view article]

Catering and Event Planning Services: Plan Your Dream Wedding

Planning for a wedding? First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! Every couple’s dream is to have the perfect wedding. Planning to tie the knot should not be stressful and overwhelming. You want the experience to be memorable not only for you but also for your guests. You could always do the planning, or you could also look for a reliable company that offers catering and event planning services for your best day ever.


Who doesn’t want exceptional service? Especially if...[view article]

Wedding Catering Services: How to Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day

It’s you and your significant other’s big day! It is understandable to feel wedding jitters on the day you plan on tying the knot. However, too much nervousness might cause some things to go wrong and you don’t want that for your wedding do, do we? You can hire a full service event planning company or wedding catering services who can help you get things done. You can also follow these helpful tips:

Create an Itinerary

When you have an idea where...[view article]

How to Make Your Event Memorable

Event means something that happens because of something notable- a significant occurrence. Naturally, everyone who organizes events want to plan a memorable event guests can attend to. Planning an event can be really stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can hire a full service event planning for the catering and event production for the day.

Choose an Interesting Theme and Venue

In order to make your event worth remembering, think of an interesting theme that will make your guests...[view article]

What Services Does An Event Planner Offer?

What comes into your mind when you think of an event planner? An event planner is someone who coordinates all aspects regarding events and meetings. There are different types of event planners. Here are some things an event coordinator is typically responsible of:

Vendor Management and Canvassing

Vendor management is handled by the event planner. They work hand-in-hand with people offering services you need for your event such as florists, photographers, and catering. They solicit bids depending on the budget...[view article]

Tips to Minimize Your Wedding Costs

Weddings, in a perfect world, resemble to what we see in fairy tales. Too bad, we aren’t perfect and so is the world we are living in. You have to think of aspects from full service event planning, wedding catering services, down to the souvenirs, planning a wedding isn’t a walk in a park. Weddings can be bank-breakingly expensive. Here’s how to budget the wedding of your dreams without having to sacrifice a big chunk of your dream wedding.

Cut the...[view article]